Working as a disability support worker in care

Are you an independent caregiver or thinking about becoming self-employed? Do you enjoy being busy helping people more than looking for assignments? Then sign up with Vince! We are happy to help you find suitable assignments, both for short and long periods of time. We work together with various clients so there is always a challenging assignment waiting for you as a care supervisor. Curious what Vince can do for you?

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The benefits of Vince

Working with Vince offers you many advantages as an independent care supervisor. Because we look for assignments for you and take care of the administration, you will have less worries and more time. You can use this time to do what you do best: guiding people, making their lives a lot better. In addition to all the assignments we arrange for you, there are many more advantages when you start working as an independent care assistant through Vince:

  • Determine when and where you work
  • A handy plan app where you can instantly see the latest assignments
  • A structural ZZP construction with possibility of extension
  • Free rate choice
  • Weekly billing
  • Billing directly to the client

Are you that passionate ZZP care supervisor?

We are constantly looking for freelancers with heart for their work. Whether you are an outpatient care supervisor or prefer to work within a larger organization, provide general care or are a specialist, at Vince we make sure we find the perfect match for you. This way we can help both our client and our ZZP'ers quickly, win-win! So are you an independent care supervisor and do you want the advantages of fun, varied assignments and a lot of freedom, but not the disadvantages of time-consuming jobs like finding these assignments and doing your administration? Then sign up quickly!

Become an independent caregiver?

Are you currently an attendant in healthcare, but looking for a little more variety and freedom in your work? Perhaps it is something for you to continue as a self-employed worker! As an independent attendant in care, you enjoy more flexibility than when working as an employee. We work together with a large number of organizations and therefore we can take your wishes into account so that we always find an assignment that makes you happy. Because we find the assignments for you, you can fully focus on your work as a care professional and help people with living, working and life!

It is a good idea to learn about self-employment in healthcare before you actually start as a ZZP. Take a good look at what it entails and what is required to get started. For example, it is necessary to register yourself with the Chamber of Commerce, and in doing so, it is important that you are registered under the correct SBI code. It is also important to know what laws and regulations apply to ZZP'ers in healthcare. When you start as self-employed, you are responsible for pensions and insurance, so it is wise to arrange this properly before you start. Do you have any questions or need help getting started as an independent care assistant? At Vince we are happy to help.

Signing up as a disability companion Schedule introductions