Getting to work as a ZZP nurse in healthcare

As an independent nurse, you probably prefer to be busy taking care of your patients. As a ZZP'er it is important that you have fun and appropriate assignments. Now let finding those assignments be something we at Vince are very good at! Because we have an extensive network, we find the perfect assignments for you as a ZZP nurse, both in private and public healthcare. This allows you to do exactly what you are good at, and enjoy! At Vince you will find both short and longer assignments with different clients. So there is always an assignment that suits you. Curious what Vince can do for you?

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The benefits of Vince

As a ZZP in healthcare, it is a relief to work with Vince. Because not only do we look for nice assignments for you as a ZZP nurse, we also do the administration for you, leaving you with fewer worries and more time to spare! This way, you can calmly focus on your patients, without having to worry about future assignments and whether everything is taken care of properly. In addition, there are even more reasons to do nursing ZZP assignments through Vince, think about:

  • Determine when and where you work
  • A handy plan app where you can instantly see the latest assignments
  • A structural ZZP construction with possibility of extension
  • Free rate choice
  • Weekly billing
  • Billing directly to the client

We are looking for independent nurses with heart for their work!

Are you that passionate ZZP nurse we are looking for? Whether you like to work in home care, at a mental health institution or in a hospital, we will find that perfect assignment for you. Our passion lies in ensuring a perfect match between client and nurse. So are you an independent nurse and would you like to enjoy more freedom and the best assignments, instead of having to deal with things like administration and looking for assignments? Sign up quickly with Vince!

Become a self-employed nurse?

Are you currently a nurse and enjoy patient contact but sometimes something gnaws at you? Would you like more variety and freedom? Then it may be a good idea to continue as an independent nurse. This way you can do what you like to do best, and you keep more control. After all, you have more freedom when you work as a self-employed nurse than when you work as a salaried nurse. Because Vince can help you look for assignments and take care of your administration, you can fully focus on your work as a nurse and provide the right care to your patients.

If you are going to take the step to become an independent nurse, it is important that you prepare yourself well and learn more about what it takes to work as a ZZP. For example, you need to register with the Chamber of Commerce and apply for a KIWA quality mark. From the moment you start working as a self-employed person, you are responsible for matters such as pensions and insurance, so arrange this on time! In short, inform yourself well about everything that is necessary so that you have your affairs in order the moment you start working as a ZZP nurse. And do you still have questions, or need help getting started as a freelancer? At Vince, we're happy to help.

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