The story of VINCE.

July 19, 2021 is the date my little brother Vincent (32) died in a motorcycle accident in Beek en Donk. Still unreal and bizarre to think that he is no more.

It is extraordinary to notice how different people handle the same situation differently. I myself went completely into regulation mode. Arranging the funeral, arranging the printing for the obituary card, supporting my parents ... and after the funeral it only starts in terms of getting everything financially clear and in order.

My little brother ran a successful staffing company in Healthcare and Security for many years. Vincent was busy with this day and night and was always there for everyone.

During the funeral at the Evoluon Eindhoven, many people came up to me who worked with Vincent. Everyone knew him as Vince: "Yes I worked a lot for Vince". "I worked a lot with Vince". "Vince gave me a lot of work". For that reason, I immediately decided that I didn't want to let his energy go to waste but to hold it in a new company.

After considerable negotiation, I came into possession of the domain name and since September 1, 2021, I am officially registered at the Chamber of Commerce under the name Vince People B.V.

By now the first clients are in and the first freelancers are working and I can proudly say that I work for Vince... A lot has been done but a lot more needs to be done. So anyone who feels called and wants to help make this company great is more than welcome.

Thank you for all the help and good care,


Richard de Witte

We miss you ♥
Vincent Leonard de Witte

* March 25, 1989 - † July 19, 2021