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Smart, innovative, reliable and people-oriented.

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Working together to provide the best care

What sets us apart is our focus on efficiency. By offering institutions and caregivers complete control over work processes within your organization, time becomes more effective.

We put empowerment within healthcare into practice with a super-smart app for healthcare professionals and a unique online dashboard for healthcare institutions. No separate tools, but smart ICT solutions that are part of an integrated platform.

So that those in care can devote themselves to what they love most: providing the best care.

Vince people platform

Vince People enables the healthcare facility to be its own mediator: Request and match period assignments or individual shifts, manage contracts, approve hours worked, and thus build a location-based or regional flexpool.

Validity of certificates and diplomas are managed and checked in real time. In addition, the entire billing process is automated.

This smart automation and better matchmaking creates streamlined recruitment processes with direct cost and time benefits gathered under one roof: The Vince Platform.

The result? Operational efficiency skyrockets and with it the quality of care.

It's all about people

Working with and for people offers so much more besides practical benefits: personal growth, human contact and meaning.

We take pride in working with our healthcare professionals to provide the best care possible. Ensuring a careful match between the right professional and your facility is at the heart of our work.

In our view, "Best Care" goes beyond providing the desired healthcare professionals. Short-term solutions to staffing problems are ultimately not going to deliver the "Best Care."

Vince provides you with a stable flexpool of reliable healthcare professionals. The expertise in the flexpool ensures quality and continuity within any organization: the best people in the right place within the culture and team of your healthcare organization.