Working as a personal care attendant

Are you working as a self-employed personal assistant in healthcare or thinking about becoming a self-employed personal assistant? At Vince we would like to help you find interesting assignments so that you can focus on your clients and on what you really enjoy doing. You can come to us for short assignments and long-term assignments. You decide, so you will always end up working somewhere that gives you energy. Get to know Vince and our clients and get notified when we have new assignments for personal assistants.

What does a personal attendant do?

A personal attendant serves as a point of contact for clients and immediate family members. A personal counselor provides support and helps where needed: in your free time, during work or at home. He or she watches your development and is present regularly so you can discuss anything you need.

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Working as a personal support worker through Vince

Working for - or actually with - Vince has many advantages. You do not have to look for assignments yourself, we will do that for you. We also take a large part of the administration out of your hands, so you can enjoy the benefits but not the burdens of being self-employed. You can spend your time counseling clients and their parents or caretakers. Curious about all the benefits of working with Vince? We have already listed them for you:

  • Determine when and where you work
  • A handy plan app where you can instantly see the latest assignments
  • A structural ZZP construction with possibility of extension
  • Free rate choice
  • Weekly billing
  • Billing directly to the client

In short, working with Vince gives you the freedom of a self-employed person but without the burdens that come with it.

Are you that passionate ZZP personal support worker?

At Vince, we are always looking for people who, like us, have a passion for caring for others. Are you a zzp personal care worker and would also like to take advantage of the above benefits? Then we see a match! Leave your details and sign up with Vince. We will be happy to look for great assignments for you and get in touch with you to get to know you better. This way we can immediately suggest the right assignments. That way you only have to choose from the assignments we present to you and you don't have to look for new clients at the end of a job. Do you have specific needs or requests? Let us know and we will of course take them into account.

Become a personal care attendant?

Are you currently in doubt about becoming an independent personal attendant? Then Vince might be a good stepping stone for you. We can help you find interesting assignments and take some of your administration off your hands. But of course we also want to guide you in becoming independent.

Thus, it is important to learn about working as a self-employed personal attendant. What is required to become self-employed? You obviously have the registration with the Chamber of Commerce, but are there any rules you need to consider? When you start being self-employed, you are responsible for pensions and insurance, so it is wise to arrange this well before you start. Do you have any questions or need help getting started as an independent care assistant? At Vince we are happy to help.

Signing up as a personal attendant Schedule introductions