Working as a specialist nurse in healthcare

As a specialist nurse, I'm sure you love working on your profession and recruiting new assignments may not be something where your passion lies. Then we have good news for you! At Vince, we are happy to help you find suitable assignments that match your exact specialty. We offer assignments for short and longer periods, so it always fits within your schedule. Find out what Vince can do for you and sign up as a specialized nurse!

What does it entail?

A specialist nurse is a nurse who, after completing basic training, has put the knowledge he or she has gained into practice and, in addition to this work experience, has completed advanced professional training. As a specialized nurse, you often focus on one specific patient group.

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Why work as a specialist nurse through Vince?

Vince is committed to helping ZZP'ers in healthcare so they can focus on providing the specific care. In addition, Vince ensures that the ZZP'ers stay employed. There are many benefits to signing up with Vince as a specialist nurse.

In addition to selecting interesting assignments for you, we also take care of much of your administration. That way you get all the benefits that a ZZP specialized nurse has, but you don't get all the hassle.

The benefits of working through Vince at a glance:

  • Determine when and where you work
  • A handy plan app where you can instantly see the latest assignments
  • A structural ZZP construction with possibility of extension
  • Free rate choice
  • Weekly billing
  • Billing directly to the client

Various specialized nursing positions

At Vince, we are looking for a variety of nurses in different specializations. Even if there are currently no assignments for your specialty, you can sign up. We will then just actively look for interesting assignments for you.

Examples of specialized nursing positions:

  • Wound nurse
  • Anesthesia nurse
  • CCU Nurse
  • ICU Nurse
  • MDL nurse
  • Neonatology nurse practitioner
  • Diabetes nurse
  • Dermatology nurse practitioner
  • Juvenile & pediatric nurse practitioner
  • District nurse
  • Endoscopy Nurse
  • Heart failure nurse
  • Infusion Nurse
  • Oncology nurse
  • Transfer Nurse

Get started immediately as a specialist nurse

Vince is always open to passionate nurses who are eager to get to know new clients and get to work nicely. From district nurses to neonatology nurses and from ICU nurses to diabetes nurses, we can use all the hands we can get because - as you know - healthcare specialists are always in demand.

We are the matchmaker for ZZP'ers and clients and, like you, love to move quickly and take care of other people's worries. That's why we're such a good match and why we can help each other. Are you a specialist nurse and would you like to keep the benefits of fun, varied assignments but not have to plan days off to do your administration? Then sign up with Vince now!

Become an independent specialist nurse?

Are you currently working as a specialist nurse, but looking for a little more variety and freedom in your work? Then Vince might be the push you need! Through Vince you can work as a self-employed person for various clients. We will look for assignments and matches for you and take care of a large part of your administration. All you have to do is choose the clients you would like to work for and invoice your hours weekly. You determine your own hourly rate and how many hours you work. You have complete control over how much you will earn weekly or monthly: no one will determine that for you.

When you start out self-employed, you are responsible for pensions and insurance, so it's wise to sit down before you begin. Still have questions or need help getting started as an independent specialist nurse? At Vince, we're happy to help.

Signing up as a specialist nurse Schedule introductions